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Phoenix Seniors: Do’s and Don’ts to have an amazing senior year!

Seniors! This year will come and go faster than you want it to. Before you know it, you will be trying on your cap and gown! Don’t let the year go by and regret not doing this or stressing about that. Below are some do’s and don’ts to help you have an amazing final year of high school!

DO: Be proactive when it comes to applying for colleges.  If you have several, remember, you will want to visit them, which may include travel expenses, etc and that takes time. You want to make a decision by their deadlines to ensure good dorm rooms, etc.

DON’T: Procrastinate! Scholarship money runs out, dorms fill up, and you spend your summer after graduation stressing about all of this rather than enjoying your final summer as a “kid”.arizona-high school- seniors- portrait-photography

DO: Take advantage of ALL the senior events going on at your school! You are only in high school once! Go to the Homecoming game! Go to your senior prom! Make it to the senior banquet even if you really don’t want to! These are events and memories you can’t get back! Make the most of the year!

DON’T: Wait to book your senior photos! Even if you want your session towards the end of the school year, if you don’t book now, chances are that senior photographers will be booked and will have a very hard time squeezing you in. And the pressure of finding the right outfits, location, hair and makeup, is enough to stress out anyways. Let me help take that pressure off some by assuring you of the perfect date for your session!

phoenix-arizona-desert valley auto parts-senior guys

DO: Spend time making lasting memories with friends and family! Your college of choice may move you out of town or state. Balance your time between final grades and having some fun! Weekends are meant for hanging out with friends!  Have you been to The Escape Room? One of the best indoor activities in Phoenix for seniors! Check out this link to reserve a room!   Adulting can be tough! Make the most of your time left living at home!

DON’T: Let the GPA slip, though! Maintaining what you have worked so hard for your high school career is so important! You may have a half day and some super easy classes, don’t let that trick you! You are almost done, what’s one more year?high school-seniors-college-seniors-phoenix-arizona

So stay focused! But Seniors? Don’t take it for granted! You will make the most memories and have the most fun this year! Don’t stress, you got this! Make sure when you are ready to document some of those memories, click below to contact me!



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New addition to a beautiful family!

family-5family-6family-7family-8I met this beautiful family back in December. I was referred to them from a friend of mine. Their session was very relaxed and it was overcast that day so the lighting added to the mood.

Shortly after their family session, Jenn emailed me to tell me they were expecting their second baby and they were looking forward to maternity and newborn photos! I was so excited!

maternity-5maternity-6maternity-7maternity-8maternity-11maternity-10Her maternity session was in June and so we decided to get out to our location early to try to beat the heat! Jenn looked stunning in her maternity gowns with her perfect little belly! This was the second time I had seen future big brother, Kian, and he still wasn’t all too excited about having his picture taken!

Baby Kaden came 6 days early on June 29th and was 7lbs. 1oz and healthy and happy!! So we moved the newborn session up a few days! We were hoping to have him nice and sleepy but for some reason, newborns just love to be awake for me! It worked out, though! We captured some really adorable shots of his beautiful eyes!

Kaden web-1Kaden web-2Kaden web-3Kaden-5Kaden-6

By the way, Kian was all smiles and loving his baby brother! I can’t wait to watch these boys grow up!! Congratulations Jenn and Rooz! Your family is beautiful!

Engagement Session, Maternity Session, portrait photography

Deron and Nikki: Surprise!

Nikki and Deron-1Nikki and Deron-2Nikki and Deron-3Nikki and Deron-4Nikki and Deron-5Nikki and Deron-6

Am I the luckiest photographer or what? This session was scheduled as a maternity shoot and turned into an engagement shoot as well! I was so honored to have been able to capture this for them!

Deron and Nikki had a mutual friend that they met through in 2015 and something sparked. They began dating shortly after they met and a few months after that, introduced their kids to each other. They loved taking trips together to blend their family. In late 2017, they found out they were adding to that family! They are due in  July!

Deron wanted an intimate setting for his proposal and when Nikki’s friend Bri mentioned how awesome it would be to propose at the maternity shoot so it could be captured on film, Deron was all in! With a little planning, it went off without a hitch! And by the looks of the photos, she was surprised and so happy! Nikki and Deron-7Nikki and Deron-8Nikki and Deron-9Nikki and Deron-10Nikki and Deron-11Nikki and Deron-12Nikki and Deron-13

With the birth of Zai Armani, they will complete their family and start a beautiful life together!

I was SO happy that Nikki wore maternity gowns! She looked stunning! I highly recommend treating yourself to pampering and feeling beautiful with your baby bump!

Congratulations to the happy couple and may your lives be blessed forever!

Stay tuned for Baby Zai!


High School Senior Photography

Senior Style guide

I have been a senior photographer for 6 years now! I actually got a notification on FB this morning of a memory of one of my first seniors I photographed from 2012! That was when I really knew I loved to take senior photos.

Even though I am looking to broaden my spectrum of photography to more families, couples, etc, I still am very passionate about my seniors!

I have read many senior style guides and always wanted to create my own so that not only would my seniors have some ideas on how they want their session to look, but also, they have the ability to see my style as well.

It’s crazy because I post these images on my social media, however, putting them into a PDF style information guide is super nerve racking! This is a first for me! I would love to hear your feedback!

Feel free to download the guide for your senior! Class of 2019 is right around the corner and it is never to early to start planning!

The entire guide is based on my own ideas and what has worked and not worked in my senior sessions!

Senior Style Guide

High School Senior Photography, portrait photography


Amber-4Amber-2Amber-3Downtown Phoenix has my heart. There are endless photo ops that give a senior the opportunity to have unique photos unlike their friends. Amber had a thought in mind of what she wanted her back drop to be so we decided to go to Arizona Center and it was perfect!

When she showed me her outfits, I got some ideas of the spots I would take her for the look she was going for. It was fun to see her personality come through as we got further into her session.

When she put on her last outfit, I wanted to really add the 70’s vibe into the edit of the photos.

My edit comes souly from the feel of the photo itself. If a photo has a playful feel, I will edit accordingly. This one session had two totally different feels and I really wanted to showcase them both. I think we definitely nailed the look she wanted by doing this.

My senior has variety in her session and I can not wait for her to receive her photos!



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Clayton, Mila’s brother, graduated from Northern Arizona University this year with a degree in exercise science.

College graduates gotta have senior pics too, right? Last big hurrah before adulting begins!!

He is a certified personal trainer, so if you are looking for somebody to get you fit, he is your guy! You can contact me for more info!!

Clayton and Mila’s parents have a big year this year with both of their kids being graduates. It is a proud time in their lives for sure!! But bring on the tissues!!!




High School Senior Photography, portrait photography




Mila and her brother combined their senior sessions at DC Ranch Marketplace over the weekend. Mila is graduating from high school and Clayton, who graduated from NAU this year. Mom wanted them to have photos together in their cap and gowns which worked out great! (Clayton’s post will be next)

After Clayton’s session was done, we focused on Mila. When I first asked Mila where she wanted her photos to be done, she told me she really wanted a  field with flowers which is pretty much every senior girls dream session that lives in Arizona because there are no fields of flowers here! (Unless I am missing them, someone please tell me!!) She decided she would be ok with her alternative which was more of a industrial look with cool walls, etc. As we were walking around, we started seeing bloom after bloom of different cactus flowers. This is the time of year in Arizona where all the colors start to show! Needless to say, Mila got her flowers! I think it was better than a field!

Graduation is a little over a month away for Mila and she is super excited. I remember taking her homecoming photos her freshman year like it was yesterday. These four years were a blink. Mila is a beautiful girl and I am so excited for her and her future!

High School Senior Photography, portrait photography


After just a bit of direction, this senior was a natural in front of the camera! I knew she would be too! I could just tell.

Well, hot temps are back in Arizona! It was nice and toasty during Aly’s session but at least there was a breeze. Wind is always a good thing, in my opinion. We started at the lake and found some little pockets of beauty. This time of year, we see our very popular Palo Verde trees start to bloom along with different cacti and other desert plants.

The orange flowers blooming made for a stunning shot in her rust colored dress! Any cactus lovers out there who knows the name of that cactus? I would love to know!

Aly is off to NAU in the fall and is super excited to be going with her best friend. I love how her jeep is blue and her skirt is yellow! NAU colors!!

I love the way Aly’s vision and mine came together to produce such striking images!

High School Senior Photography



Michael’s laid back personality and great smile made this senior session super easy! Even better, Michael plays Lacrosse in high school and so adding his sport into his session was awesome!

Heading to ASU in the fall and majoring in mechanical engineering, Michael is ready to graduate and tackle the next phase of his life!

The journey of a high school student seems long but it goes by faster than they think. With all of their goals and dreams in front of them, graduation is only the start of a beautiful beginning!

Congratulations Michael! Onto new beginnings!

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L Family

Becoming a blended family is not an easy task. I have a blended family of my own and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  It requires a lot of patience, love, and guidance from God. When a couple starts out their relationship with children, they do not get the full “courtship” that they would without. They may get a date here and a date there. The anxiety of introducing the kids is hard enough, then hoping they all get along. Dates become family gatherings with the hopes of a kiss or two in between. The love is usually pretty immense with a second marriage because it’s not only love for one another, it’s love for each others children as well. A blended relationship works backwards too. The family starts first. Watching them grow up and go off to college, then the alone time begins. There are challenges along the way and many bumps in the road, but the end result is totally worth it.

Joanna met Tom at work. He had come into the office she worked at for computer reasons and asked her on a date. They had a wonderful time and Tom knew after the first date he wanted to marry her.

Tom had a beautiful proposal set up. A romantic evening for two. The babysitter was set, the dinner reservations were made, they were all dressed up. Tom was sweating, though. They were on their way to dinner and there was one thing missing, the ring. When he received the call, finally, that the ring was finished it was better late than never. Since Tom had Joanna in the car, he took her in the jewelry store and proposed to her right there! Proposals like these always make the best stories!

They ended up getting married 2 and a half years later with a small intimate gathering of family and friends to celebrate their life journey. A year has gone by and they are still in the “honeymoon” phase. They are handling a blended family beautifully and are looking forward to many years of lasting memories!

If you add in their “blended dogs” to the family, they are a modern day Brady bunch! Together they have 5 kids and 3 dogs! The kids are 15, 13, 12, 10 and 8. The awesome part is that they all get along! Maybe too well because they bicker and argue like real siblings too! Which is truly what a blended couple pray for every day. During our photo session, I could see the happiness from mom and dad and the kids! They are truly a happily blended family!

I wish this family all the joy life will bring them and all that God will bless them with!