My name is Tammy Zelez and I am a portrait photographer in Phoenix, Arizona.I am a wife and a mother of 3. I have always wanted to capture my children’s lives through pictures. My kids will never miss a minute of their lives, I have captured it all! I am an emotional mom that cries over their smallest accomplishments. It is a good thing that the camera blocks my face most of the time because my kids get so embarrassed that mom is “crying again!”

I am a passionate person in everything I do! I am passionate about knowing God and knowing that everything is his. Knowing that he has given me a gift and I need to be passionate about that gift. A gift which is photography! I can’t remember not having some sort of camera in my hands. Disposable to digital, it has always been with me! It became more prominent with the birth of my first daughter. It then became a drive to take great photos of her and capture those memorable moments that in 20 years from now, I will not remember in my mind. Now, looking back on those moments through my photography, I get teary eyed (LOL) all over again! I am grateful for those pictures and will always cherish them.

Which led me to wanting to share my love for photography with others. I want everyone to have the ability to have beautiful pictures that capture those memorable moments in their lives. I want every shot to be just right. It gives me great joy to see a clients reaction to how they love their pictures! That means more to me than anything.Barwise-27

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  1. Hi I love the photos you take I am in highschool but I’m not a senior I really want photos taken this freshman year so I can put them together with one I take senior year. Thank you:)

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