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Kieran & Lynn

These two are best friends and wanted to have their senior sessions together. I was all for it! They started with hair and makeup and we ended up at Scorpion Gulch at South Mountain. I had never been there before and I was so excited to shoot at a new location. It was beautiful too!!

The girls wanted to have photos together describing their friendship. They had specific poses they wanted to do and even when they were pretending to choke each other, the one thing that stood out the most was the realness of their friendship. They are total opposites in so much of their personalities which is why they probably get along so well!

They had so much fun having the session together. They helped make each other laugh and pose and assist in each others photos. There was no shortage of smiles either!

The girls goals and dreams will keep them close to each other after they graduate. But no matter where life takes them, I believe their friendship will always be strong!

portrait photography

Love Out Lavender

88 web1 wLOL 2018-14For 3 years now I have had the honor to be the photographer for this campaign. “Love out Lavender unites creative people through fundraising to conquer cancer with inspiring images and unique events.” They are a 501c3 non-profit organization whose fundraising dollars are given to the City of Hope.

This organization empowers creativity through a special craft to tell a story of hope, fight and perseverance to conquer cancer. The talented women at Splitt Enzz Salon for the past 2 years and heading into the 3rd, use their skills to show that message through their art of vivid hair. The colors are used to support each cancer and Lavender represents all cancers. They use multiple colors because each of us may have been affected by a different cancer but they all hurt the same way.

I am very fortunate to be a part of their campaign and hope every year they can raise more money than the year before.

With that being said, I will be having a mini session day on April 22nd, 2018 where 50% of each mini session price will go to Splitt Enzz Salon Love out Lavender Campaign. If you would like to have a family session, couples, senior, etc to help raise money to conquer cancer, please contact me! There are limited spots available!

If you would like to just donate, please click on the link below to help support the cause!!


Let’s all do our part in finding a cure!!



Great Gatsby Inspired

It started with a gown. It ended with a story. The development of friendship, empowerment and everything in between, was beautiful.
A 1918 converted linen laundry building in the heart of downtown Phoenix caught my eye as a beautiful backdrop for a gown I was aked to photograph. They call it Warehouse 215, now a unique venue for weddings, proms and more.
I wanted to find the perfect location to photograph this stunning wedding gown, designed by entrepreneur and friend, Lori Mangieri of a Very Special Dress, based in Peoria. Her latest gown had somewhat of a vintage feel making Warehouse 215 the ideal location.
As we collaborated over the details, our vision grew into a Great Gatsby concept with a modern flair. We then contacted Tiffany Lobdell who is a hair and makeup artist and another dear friend, also based in Peoria at Splitt Enzz Salon to style our models to suit the theme. She was very energetic about the project.
With our models ready and our props in place, the photoshoot became a success. The color pallette of white, gray, and deep plum kept the style vintage and classic. The beautiful updo of our bride, Brooke, was elegant and sleek. The finger curls of the ‘20s era were very popular and we wanted to enhance that look. The bridesmaid, Kylee, had the soft curl that was seen in the 1920’s and aslo seen today which added to the modern look we incorporated. Our groom, Jayar, had the classic mens slick and suited the theme very well. Tiffany kept the makeup clean and nuetral which also was used in the 1920s. Overall, Tiffany was able to capture the look of Great Gatsby without any hesitation and is outstanding in her craft. She has made several brides very happy in her career with her expertise in wedding updoes and makeup.
Lori’s gown is timeless. It inspired me to find the perfect place to photgraph it and bring it to life. The piece that makes this dress unique is the train that is worn over the dress that gives it a sophisticated look and can be taken off for ease of dancing and mingling at the reception. This is her latest design and she specializes in creating beautiful, one of a kind gowns for every bride. Her passion for her creativity is truly magnificent. Her attention to detail and quality shows her love for every gown she makes.
My job, at that point, became very easy. I had exquiste models, a gorgeous location and a great theme. What more can a photographer ask for? I made sure to pose each shot with the elegance and grace of the era. “The upper echelons thought of etiquette as strict guidelines for life. Gentlemen never ill-spoke of their marriage and never besmirched their wives name. They were to treat women as if they were fairer and were to never show emotion”. I wanted to keep that feel but also capture the love of the bride and groom. There was very little expression in photos back then and so I kept their smiles subtle in every shot. The final images told of story of love and etiquette of the 1920’s.
Not only did we want to bring all of our ideas from each of our industries together as one, we wanted to create a beautiful wedding concept of mixing vintage style with todays modern look. The end result ultimately, brought 3 women together to encourage each other to shine in our industries and to keep doing what we love.

Check out the websites below when planning your wedding!

Look for Very Special Dress Booth at the Bridal Show in Phoenix, January 6th and 7th!!