2-w3-w1-w4-w5-w6-wI sound like a broken record, but this rain in Arizona will not stop!! I have realized that I now have a love/hate relationship with good ‘ole mother nature! I am an outdoor photographer and the rain is not my friend. However, it has done glorious things to our beautiful desert! The desert is as green as ever and so lush and overgrown. Which makes for some gorgeous backdrops. I really can’t complain!

With that being said, this particular day was raining all morning! Luckily, the clouds parted just in time for the shoot! I couldn’t have been more happy with the lighting I had and how the skies were a┬ábeautiful blue with gorgeous clouds. Yes, there were some puddles, but that was definitely something we could work around!

I had 2 seniors whose moms booked their shoots for the same day. These two guys have been friends since they were little, have gone to different high schools and will be heading off to two out of state schools. They are both playing baseball and I was extremely excited to have the ability to capture some awesome images on each of their fields!

Derek is an outfielder and will be playing for his college! I have known his mom for many years and was honored to capture his senior photos. It is so great when you can get them in their element. You can see them relax the second they step on that field. We had no shortage of ideas to work with! Shoutout to coach for letting us use the field!!




1-w2-w3-w4-w5-w6-wTyler had told me before we left for his senior session that he was having a rough day. I told him, not to worry, we will end up having a good time! We had a 25 minute drive to our shoot location. When we got there, he said he felt so much better because of what a relaxing drive it was! I agreed. The whole drive was long roads in the middle of the Arizona desert! Beautiful scenery and peaceful. He had a smile on his face and was ready to put the rough day behind him and get creative! He shares the same passion for photography as I do and already had some ideas in mind! What a way to make my job easier! Tyler has an amazing personality and is very personable! His creativeness for his senior photos really helped me to gain a new perspective for my senior sessions! I loved it! I had a great time getting to know Tyler! Enjoy his sneak peek!