High School Senior Photography, portrait photography


After just a bit of direction, this senior was a natural in front of the camera! I knew she would be too! I could just tell.

Well, hot temps are back in Arizona! It was nice and toasty during Aly’s session but at least there was a breeze. Wind is always a good thing, in my opinion. We started at the lake and found some little pockets of beauty. This time of year, we see our very popular Palo Verde trees start to bloom along with different cacti and other desert plants.

The orange flowers blooming made for a stunning shot in her rust colored dress! Any cactus lovers out there who knows the name of that cactus? I would love to know!

Aly is off to NAU in the fall and is super excited to be going with her best friend. I love how her jeep is blue and her skirt is yellow! NAU colors!!

I love the way Aly’s vision and mine came together to produce such striking images!

High School Senior Photography, portrait photography


I have known Austin since he was in kindergarten. His older sister and Kylee are best friends and Kaycee and him are the same age. So when Tiffani would come over to our house, there were a few times that Austin came over as well. I could add in some pretty funny videos of Kaycee and him dancing to Michael Jackson but I will be nice and not embarrass them! Although, neither one are the embarrassed type!

Anyways, now Austin is a senior and getting ready to graduate and two of his pride and joys are his truck and football. Naturally, adding these into his session brought his personality to the forefront.

It was so awesome that I was his photographer and made it easier for him to be comfortable in front of the camera. However, that wasn’t too hard because Austin has a knack for the spotlight! I was happy to have spent some time with him and his mom to reminisce about when he was little and how proud we are of him and his future!

Before we know it, graduation will be here! Have you booked your senior session yet?


Saufley Family

Saufley-20Saufley-6Saufley-9Saufley-10Saufley-7Saufley-11Saufley-13Saufley-12Saufley-8I started “mom dating” Bri, a few months ago. We met through our 13 year olds a year ago. Maddie and Connor would say, “You guys should hang out. That would be so cool!” We decided to take the kids out to lunch. We became friends and planner sisters! I love this family!

With the holidays fast approaching,ย  setting a date for family photos became difficult for Bri. There is one person missing from their photos! Riley who is living it up as a sophomore in college in California! I am excited for next year to photograph the whole family!

Of course, another location that I am in love with! Does anyone notice how obsessed I am with the lake yet? There are so many options out there!

Time is running out! Don’t miss out on your family photos!


Sailing into the Holidays!

Tripi-3Tripi-4Tripi-5Tripi-7Tripi-9Tripi-10Tripi-11YES! I am a family photographer too!! I love the change up to photograph families for the holidays! This family has been with me for several years! I met Joe and Kaley 20 years ago and when they had their first boy, I wanted to do his newborn shoot! Ya, that was 15 years ago!

If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that I have had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl. I progressed in my photography skills throughout the years, but let me tell you, his newborn photos…Bahahahahaha!! Kaley and I laugh at them today! Her and I literally were on the floor in her living room stacking towels on top of each other to try for the “Anne Geddes” look. I am dying laughing as I am writing this! We were trying to balance him on top of them while Kaley was right off camera shot to make sure he wouldn’t fall off! The towels were every shade of blue and I think I left it in color when I developed it! Also, I think you could see the hallway in the background! Of course, she loved those photos because they were of her baby boy. That was all that mattered.

There was a few years gap in family photos after that but we picked back up and every year I get to photograph this family at a fun unique location! When Kaley saw my sailboat shoot, she knew that’s where this years session would be. The day of the shoot was beautiful! The weather was perfect and there were just enough clouds for a subdued sun and gorgeous sky.

I loved the outfits Kaley picked out for the boys. I did help pick the dress (wink, wink) which was absolutely stunning on her!

To the guys at Go Sail Arizona, thank you! Not only did we have a beautiful shoot, we got to sail as well! Check out their website to learn more about sailing instruction or rentals.


Will your next photo session be on a sailboat??

Engagement Session

50’s inspired Engagement Shoot

This shoot was a few months in the making! As you know, I have a passion for photography! I love taking pictures and I was teetering on wether or not to pursue it full-time! So, I started researching. Talking to other photographers, other business owners, getting some advice and ideas on all of this! I finally decided to at least give it a try! Some advice I received from a dear friend was to do a Re-Release of Tammy Zelez Photography. Great advice! And…how do I do that? Well, with a style shoot! Come up with an idea and play it out in the pictures! So after a couple of months of planning, I did it! And let me tell you, I have a passion all over again for this business! I am very proud of these pictures! And very proud to Re-Release Tammy Zelez Photography!!

The models that I asked to participate in this, recently announced their engagement so it was a perfect start! Tiffany and Brandon are an amazing young couple who were excited to have such a fun engagement shoot! They were totally in on the 50’s theme especially since Tiffany’s dad had a beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel Air for us to use! How could this have gotten any better! We wanted to find a beautiful back drop for the shoot and decided on the lake! It definitely tied it all together because Tiffany and Brandon spend a lot of their time there wake boarding and camping!

During the session, you could really feel the love that Tiffany and Brandon had towards each other! They had such a connection with one another! Not to mention how comfortable they were in front of the camera! They were naturals!

They laughed. I feel that one of the most important things in a relationship is laughter! The staging of each shot was so fun to watch and capture! They were in their own little world! I am so thankful to have gotten to know them and I hope they enjoy the rest of their lives TOGETHER!

To Tiffany and Brandon- Thank you for bringing Tammy Zelez Photography to life again! I couldn’t have asked for a better style shoot! Love you guys!

With that being said, may I introduce the Re-Release of TAMMY ZELEZ PHOTOGRAPHY!