2-w3-w4-w5-w7-w8-wA dear friend of mine was hiking in this area and thought, “Tammy would love this!” So she called me and had me check it out! She was right and so thoughtful to take the time to show me and think of me! This location is so lush in desert plants and is versatile to give the senior different looks all in one!

After meeting Ashlyn at Splitt Enzz Salon to have hair and makeup done by Tiffany Lobdell, I knew it would be a perfect fit! Ashlyn was a stunner on Saturday and the first senior I have had with this new location!  Gorgeous beauty all the way around! Ashlyn was a little nervous at first but fell into a rhythm with her posing and became a natural! I love when my senior clients book with Tiffany! She gives them the natural look they want and just enough “POP” for the camera! Her hair and makeup was on point!  She is such a sweetheart and was open to all the ideas! I am in love with these images! I will definitely be using this location again and again!



1 w.jpg2 w.jpg3 w.jpg4 w.jpg5 w.jpg6 w.jpgI was SO excited to be outside on Sunday! Finally some Arizona 70 degree weather! It was beautiful! And so was Beth! She had found a great location full of so much variety! The lighting was amazing! Beth is finishing up her final weeks on her high school cheer team and will be powering up to tryout for GCU cheer where she will be attending this fall! Much luck to you Beth! She had so much fun during her shoot and her style was so fun! Her hair was done by the ever talented Kaycee! AKA my daughter! LOL Enjoy her sneak peek!


1-w2-w3-w4-w5-w6-w7-wChrista’s senior session was super fun and the best weather day out of the entire weekend. Christa started at Tiffany’s for gorgeous hair and makeup and then headed out to Scottsdale. She brought balloons and they were actually harder than it looked in pictures to keep them all steady in the air! So we improvised! Which I thought turned out pretty awesome!! I love the laughter I got out of Christa! It was the moments just after the fake laugh that I told her to do, that turned into the real one and just came out beautiful!!


1-w5-w6-w2-w3-w4-wClaire was such a trooper for her senior session! It was so cold! Her photos don’t even show it! Claire is such a beautiful girl with such a great heart! Her converse waited patiently in her closet for this very day! From her serious face to her gorgeous smile, Claire had it all and her personality just shined through!

Braving the Rain

1-w2-w4-w6-w7-w8-wEverybody knows that Arizona is ALWAYS sunny! During the winter months is the perfect weather for a photo shoot! We rarely get rain and when we do, it comes and goes quickly. Except for this past couple of weeks! It seems like every weekend that I have been super booked with seniors, it has been gloomy, rainy, cold, pretty much miserable! Well, for me anyways! I LOVE the heat! That’s why I live here! I think I am the only one in Arizona who loves the heat!

This session in particular we waited until the last second as to whether or not we would reschedule! Of course, an overcast day is a favorite for any photographer but the rain? Yuck! The sun was trying so hard to fight through so we decided to take our chances. I am so glad we did!

We used the rain to our advantage and brought an umbrella and continued to shoot in the rain! It was awesome! After the rain stopped, the sun was fierce and it was stunning! It was only for a short time and we took it! I was amazed at the images I shot and realized this weather produced a gorgeous senior session! Not to mention the beautiful Ellie who was up for it all!! She rocked every look and raining, cold or blinded by the sun, she went with it!!

Tiffany did a magnificent job on Ellie’s incredibly long hair. The rain didn’t stand a chance against those perfect curls!

I conquered a fear of questionable weather and it felt really good!!

Lexie: the start of 2017

1-w2-w3-w5-w9-w10-wWhat an amazing start to 2017! Lexie is one of my senior reps and she is just the sweetest! She had sent me a pinterest board of the look she was going for in her session and I think we nailed it! Lexie is extremely photogenic and every shot of her is adorable! She has the best smile and the best laughing face! Lexie will be headed to GCU this fall and will be in their nursing program! So excited for her and her future endeavors!


3-w5-w10-w11-w12-w14-wBianca and I had a beautiful overcast day for her senior session! She started her day with hair and makeup by Tiffany Lobdell and then we were off to our location! She had so much variety within her location that we had fun trying new poses and capturing her beautiful personality! Bianca is a gorgeous senior who will be going off to ASU next year! I loved her style and that beautiful smile! Her hair and makeup was on point! Enjoy her sneak peek!