1-w3-w4-w6-w7-w8-wOh Mariah!! Your location was spot on for your personality! One of my senior reps who I have known for a few years now, has a huge love for our Arizona desert! She LOVES cactus! She suggested this location, which ended up being more spectacular than I had envisioned! Her mom, her and I were in awe of how magnificent Arizona’s desert could be. The day after a rain fall here is absolutely amazing and that is what Mariah had for her senior session! I will take God’s great backdrop over studio any day!!

Mariah will be heading to GCU this fall and will be trying out for their cheer team in a couple of months! Much luck to you Mariah! I was honored to be your photographer and give you your “perfect” backdrop!



c2-wc-1-wc-3-wc-5-wc-4-wClay is Derek’s best friend. Buddy’s since they were little. I’m sure the pressure of senior photos wasn’t so bad since they were together at the shoot! They continued to make fun of each other throughout! Clay has been a pitcher for his baseball team all 4 years of high school! It was so exciting to capture some awesome images of him on his field! A shoutout to coach for allowing us this opportunity!

Clay will be attending New Mexico Military Institute in the fall. Good luck in your future, Clay! I am glad I had the chance to meet you and capture your senior photos!


1 w.jpg2 w.jpg3 w.jpg4 w.jpg5 w.jpg6 w.jpgI was SO excited to be outside on Sunday! Finally some Arizona 70 degree weather! It was beautiful! And so was Beth! She had found a great location full of so much variety! The lighting was amazing! Beth is finishing up her final weeks on her high school cheer team and will be powering up to tryout for GCU cheer where she will be attending this fall! Much luck to you Beth! She had so much fun during her shoot and her style was so fun! Her hair was done by the ever talented Kaycee! AKA my daughter! LOL Enjoy her sneak peek!


1-w2-w5-w6-w3-w4-wThis gorgeous senior is Tori! Her and my daughter, Kaycee were in gymnastics together! I was so excited when she told me she wanted me to do her senior photos!

We started off at her gym, which was so much fun! Her coach, Stacy was there helping with posing and reminiscing about the last 10 years of being a competitive gymnast! From there we headed back to my house for her medal part of the session! She has won over 200 medals in her gymnastics career, most important one being her medal that she won at Westerns.

Finally, we headed outside to capture the side of Tori when she is not in the gym! This super sweet, soft side of her! The life of a gymnast is spent majority in a leo, covered in chalk, no makeup, hair in a ponytail, sweaty, covered in bruises, rips on your hands from the bars, hours upon hours of conditioning, getting your body prepared for competing season. They are so dedicated, self disciplined, self motivated, it is literally, gym, eat, sleep, repeat. So for a gymnast to be able to let her beautiful hair down and have some fun is a rarity! Tori makes every part of that look easy! Inside and outside the gym! That smile lights up a room and I am so excited for her future and her last competing season as a senior!



2721I had the pleasure of meeting Mikala and her mom, Ann, this past Friday. Mikala is promoting from 8th grade and they contacted me for her promotion photos! She is a beautiful young lady who is so sweet with so much personality! Mikala is an aspiring model and has some great things going on this summer for it! I am so excited for her and I wish her all the luck in the world!


I wanted to share this family’s session because I am in love with how the photos turned out! Ravali was a senior client of mine from last year! She was just adorable and we have stayed in touch. She contacted me over Christmas break, asking me if I could do their family photos. Of course I said Yes!! This was more special than that, though. Not only has this family not had their family photos done in a long time, it was mom and dads 25th wedding Anniversary! They also had received these beautiful saree’s as gifts and wanted to show off the beauty of them. I was so honored to do this shoot! I absolutely love this family and they are so beautiful! Each saree is stunning and I was amazed at how they were all hand made! Below is a little history of the clothing worn by women in India and a little history about this family sent to me by Ravali!

“Twenty years ago, my mom and dad moved to America when my sister, Rachana, was a baby. And then, of course, I was born a couple years later (the best thing to happen to my family besides our dog, obviously!!). We’ve lived in Glendale/Phoenix, Arizona ever since!

Although Arizona is home, while my sister and I were growing up, we always made sure to keep in touch with our culture. Every three years or so, our family takes a summer vacation to India and we shop for new Indian clothes!

There’s a few different types of outfits that we wear. The most famous or well-known is the “saree” or “sari.” A saree is essentially two pieces, a cloth that is about 15 to 21 feet in length and a short blouse that is worn underneath. The cloth is wrapped around the waist and then draped over the shoulder. It is held together only by a few safety pins! I would consider tying or assembling the saree to be an art. Another outfit is the “churidar.” The churidar is a three piece ensemble that consists of a long top, tights worn underneath and a long scarf-like cloth. Similarly, there’s another outfit called the “ghagra” which is also three parts, this is a full length skirt, a short top, and a heavier scarf-like cloth. All of the beading and rhinestones on these outfits are done by hand and each piece is unique!”

Thank you so much Ravali, for taking time out from your crazy busy college life to send me this! Thank you to the whole family for having me as your photographer!

Stay tuned for a very much anticipated Bollywood shoot coming soon!



This  High School Senior, Jenna, has a passion for makeup! She wants to be a makeup artist after high school. Check out Ashelyn’s post. Jenna did her makeup for her senior session! Jenna does an awesome job! I love her style as well! I had fun getting to know her and finding fun areas to showcase her sense of style. I really wanted to pull out that smile because it lights up a room!