Senior Session: Sedona

When I asked Tasker to be a part of my senior rep program, I knew he would be all in! The biggest reason? I have been taking photos of him for his entire life! Ok. Maybe minus a few years. Let me explain.

I have known his family for many years. In fact, I was at his parents wedding. His mom is one of my closest friends. When he was born, I was just starting to really love photography! Not that I was any good at it, LOL, but mom let me practice with him.

I was obsessed with the Anne Geddes photo of the newborn on a stack of folded towels and I told Kaley that I wanted to recreate that! I remember, we were on the floor in the living room, folding and stacking towels that didn’t match and then trying to balance Tasker on top. Once we hoped that we got a good photo, I sent my roll of film out to be developed and waited for the photos to come back! Oh the days before digital!

That photo will proudly be displayed at his graduation party, I’m sure, and thank goodness his senior ones will be too because I have gotten a lot better in the last 17 years! HA!

But ok, so now that you know the back story, back to Tasker! Baseball has been a huge part of his life which had to be included in his session. He is looking forward to his final season of high school baseball this spring.

He chose Sedona for the location of his senior photos which suited his personality so well. Perfect time of year to be there, too as the leaves are changing and the weather is perfect!

I truly loved how Tasker decided to climb this tree while walking to our next spot. It just captured the innocence of high school seniors. That for a few more months they are still kids being kids!

It is still crazy to me that besides my kids, he is the first senior that I have photographed since birth! Tasker, enjoy the rest of your senior year and make every moment count!

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