Jo the Cake Fairy

I have learned so much about my clients and their businesses while doing their branding photography. For me, my sessions aren’t just taking photos. I love to learn about my clients. I want to hear the stories of how they got started, why they love to do what they do and watch the fire in their eyes ignite as they share. I feed off a relaxed atmosphere so that my client and myself are free to be creative and comfortable without the pressure of perfectionism.

Friday was just that! Comfortable, relaxed, and fun! I came to Joanna’s house because that is where all the magic happens! The process of baking cakes is so much more than I ever thought! All the cake baking competitions you see on TV make it seem like you can make a cake in an hour! For the perfect cake, when it comes to the right cooling methods, it takes days!

Joanna enjoys baking! When she opened her business account on Instagram and I saw the cakes she was making, I was in awe! My mouth was watering too! I thought, WOW, what an amazing talent she has! So, of course, I had to buy one!

It was absolutely gorgeous and so delicious! It was a marble cake with a chocolate mousse filling and because it was so rich in flavor, I was able to cut smaller pieces for the kids! It was a four layer cake and there was plenty for the 50 kids that were at Maddie’s birthday party!

I told Joanna that it was time to put a face to the cakes! OK, not literally! She had to let her clients in on the secret behind her scrumptious desserts! As I photographed her branding session, I watched her as she explained the process of cake making. She casually talked about the steps from start to finish acting like it was no big deal. She is a very humble person and it showed. She has always been a crafty and I think she found her niche!

One thing she voiced to me was her nervousness of being in front of the camera. That’s where my fire ignites, right? I wanted her to feel relaxed and confident! As we worked, I could feel her loosening up and having fun! I would show her photos throughout the session and she was all giddy! “Hey! I look cute!” or “Hey! I love the way I look!” That’s when I knew I had done my job! The excitement in her eyes that she felt beautiful and confident made my heart full!

Do you have an event coming up that needs a cake? Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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