What I see through the lens

I have been thinking a lot lately about my business and where I see it headed. As much as I love photography is as much as I love people! I love to see growth and success. I love to see people be raw and real and in their own element. I love to capture all of these things on film too! To me, it’s not just a pretty face or the perfect composition that makes a good photo, it’s the depth of the person I photograph and being able to see into their soul.

Each one of us was created in Gods image. Not one of us is like the next. Each one of us has a story, a purpose, a talent. Even though the thought may be there to want to be like someone else or compare to one another because maybe we think they have it better or have it all figured out, at the end of the day, you will never be like the other person. God didn’t create two of me (although I could probably get a lot more done if he did LOL) He didn’t. He didn’t create two of you either. It’s just you. And just me. Now with that, why waste your life trying to be someone else? Do you think your gifts, talents, knowledge is not good enough to put out there? Do you think you are not good enough? Well, God thought you were! That’s why you are here, right?! And let me tell you something, there are more people out there than you think that are ready to tell you that too!

You have a divine place in this world. Don’t you want to embrace that? TRUST ME! You are NOT alone! I am sure I am one of many that need to take my own advice! I don’t put myself out there enough because I am afraid I’m not good enough. Some other photographer has done it, or done it better, I don’t even want to try, what if people look at me sideways? What a bunch of negative energy vibrating off of me! NO! I am a great photographer! And so what if another photographer did it, I want to try it and put my own spin on it! It’s all perspective, right?

The way you view yourself is perspective too! You have to believe in who you are and embrace it! When I photograph people, I see beauty! I see joy! I see life lived! I see the story. Just because you see a flaw doesn’t mean anyone else sees it. You are individually unique and that deserves to be out there for others to see!

So what does this have to do with where my business is headed? It is finally putting into words my “WHY”. Why do I do what I do? Because of people like you that want to be raw and vulnerable and put themselves out there because they believe in themselves and what they have to offer this world! I want to inspire others to share their own “WHY”. And I promise, I will be with you every step of the way being your cheerleader! Which y’all know being a cheerleader is in my blood! Even if you think you are not ready, YOU ARE! Let’s do this!!

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