Senior in Sedona

I had been watching the weather for a week. Senior session in Sedona in March. No sweat! Sedona should be beautiful in March! Well, according to the weather, lots of rain, lots of wind, and really cold. Really? I wanted to pull my hair out! This senior really wanted her session in Sedona and I did not want to let her down.

As the day got closer, the weather pattern was slightly changing. I kept crossing my fingers that we would just miss this storm. When I checked the forecast on the day of, the storm was passing just hours before we were to arrive. Thank goodness! I asked Amy if the cold air would be ok and she said yes! So we were on our way!

She was a trooper! I think Sedona’s high was 46 and breezy. There was snow on the mountains surrounding us. I had a thermal on with a sweatshirt, jeans, boots and a beanie and I was freezing. Obviously you can see in these images, that’s NOT what Amy was wearing. I told her to use her acting skills and not show that she was cold and she nailed it!

She looked like a goddess! She did not care how cold it was, nothing was going to stop her from getting the senior session she wanted! What I didn’t know about Sedona is that the trees around Oak Creek Canyon are pretty baron this time of year. We had to make some changes on the locations she had originally chosen. With no backup locations in mind, we set out to find somewhere that still had a Sedona, woodsy feel. Amy and I both were very pleased with the outcome.

This day was exactly what Amy envisioned. She was thrilled about the spots we found and had so much fun. Thank you God for giving us perfect weather conditions for Amy’s senior photos!

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