Seniors: There is more than just desert in Arizona

There is a spot conveniently by my house that is absolutely beautiful for photography. It is a spot that, in images, doesn’t even look like it’s Arizona. And it’s no secret. If you are a photographer and drive past it, you would be captivated instantly! That’s what Arizona’s washes are, a perfect backdrop for photographers! As long as you are smart and let them dry out after a rainstorm!

Bella was looking for something other than desert! I knew this place was exactly what she was looking for! It truly is a favorite spot of mine!

Bella’s style is on trend! For her rep session, she wanted an editorial vibe which incorporated her personality perfectly. Because she gives attention to detail, her outfits and location had to be spot on for her senior session and it was!

These images bring out Bella’s beautiful smile and her sweet disposition!

Bella is another one of my 8 reps this year that I had such a great time with! I am so excited for her to see her images that really represent everything she wanted! She will also be headed to NAU in the fall to study nursing. These girls are like family to me and I am going to miss them so much!

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