Tatum: Arizona Senior

Tatum was a natural in front of the camera for her senior session! More than she thought she was! My favorite part of senior sessions is capturing personality. Tatum is such a sweetheart and her images show that!

I ask each senior when preparing for their senior session to choose outfits that fit their personality and to bring items that tell a story of their high school years.

When I asked Tatum if there was something she could bring to portray her story, she brought this jar. Tatum lost her best friend about a year and a half ago. It was a very trying and heart breaking time in her life. Her friend, Kallie, had given her this jar with all the reasons she loved Tatum inside of it. It’s a beautiful keepsake that Tatum has to always remember Kallie. Tatum loved the idea of being able to pay tribute to her best friend and having a part of her there at her senior session. I was honored to be able to do this for Tatum.

Tatum’s senior shoot was absolutely beautiful and filled with lots of laughs!

I can’t wait for Tatum to get her images! I think she will love every one of them!

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