Manistee Ranch Senior Session

I love Manistee Ranch for a photography location because it is diverse. There are a lot of options for the client as far as backdrops. I offered this to another senior rep of mine, Daniella, and she agreed. Several areas all in walking distance!

Daniella is the youngest of her family and her two older sisters were really bummed that they couldn’t be there for her session. One of them is at NAU and one is at U of A. We did still have fun though and her sisters will love her photos!

Daniella’s rep shoot was inspired by her personality. She loves to joke around, laugh, and have fun all the time! So we used bright colors and loud music and brought that through her images! At the junkyard she was fierce. That looked good on her too!

Her senior session was beautiful! She was the all around student throughout her high school years from playing softball, to cheer and being a member of band and NHS. She wanted to incorporate that into her shoot which was the perfect definition of a senior session! These photos should represent the person you were in high school and what got you through those years! I loved the way she wanted to display everything and the photo turned out perfect!

I was so happy Daniella wanted to be a part of my rep program. Her sister, Tina was one of my reps for 2016 and Daniella was the first sister within the program! I just love her whole family! I am excited for Daniella to head to NAU in the fall to pursue a history major! Can’t wait to hear about her accomplishments!

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