North Glendale Desert Senior Session

I met Emily at the end of her junior year. She is one of my 2019 Senior Reps. She was very excited about the program and at our first group meeting, she asked a bunch of questions and had a lot to say! I instantly loved that about her!

The rep shoot was inspired by each of the reps. They came up with their own concept shoot and Emily’s was 50’s themed. She fit the part perfectly and loved it! Our next shoot had an edgy vibe in a junkyard and again, she nailed it!

She loved the rep shoots and couldn’t wait for her personal session. I was equally excited because it gave me one on one time with her! Emily loves the desert and I thought this area would be a great spot to capture her photos.

Her family means so much to her, so incorporating them into her shoot was awesome. Even though she will only be a 20 minute drive away next year at ASU, it still won’t be close enough for mom and dad.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Emily and get to know her. She is a creative and exceptional girl!

Emily is looking at nursing at ASU this fall so lets wish her much luck as she starts her next journey!

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