Ivy and Olivia Custom Goods Peoria, Arizona

As a custom branding photographer, I get to work with some truly amazing people! I love helping showcase their personalities through high quality images. I want you to see the person behind the business and what makes them so passionate about what they do!

Today, I am introducing Lauren who owns Ivy and Olivia Custom Goods.
She creates unique handmade home décor, custom apparel, and personalized gifts tailored to any customer. She adds a classic and vintage feel to each design so that it will remain relative through the years. Each design starts with the client and what they want. From there, Lauren incorporates the personal touches that are needed to individualize each item.

Lauren has an artistic mind and a beautiful personality that radiates through her images! She is so easy to talk to. She is truly passionate about her business and pleasing every one of her clients. A piece of her heart goes into each creation. From custom apparel to homemade doormats, Laurens items are inventive and distinctive.

To shop small means to celebrate small businesses every day and help support them so that our communities thrive and stay vibrant! Small business owners like Lauren is why we need to shop small!

Lauren is based in Peoria, Arizona and is looking to design and ship nation wide. Make sure to check out her Instagram to see all her many creations! Order from her today!


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