Brookyln: Az Senior Session in Prescott

Brooklyn was a brave soul in 48 degree weather on Saturday up in Prescott, Az! She had a vision for her senior session and nothing was going to stand in her way! In every photo it looks to appear like it is a beautifully sunny 80 degree day! Not one goosebump on her skin or twinge of freeze on her face! I on the other hand, was bundled up and still shivering! My fingers were starting to stiffen! But, nothing was going to stop this shoot!

From the woods to downtown, we captured everything Brooklyn wanted! Her session matched her personality perfectly! That is exactly what I set out to do with every one of my seniors. Define who they are through their images! Brooklyn is a beautiful girl who loves life, loves nature and loves her pup, Maui! Being one of my senior reps, I’ve gotten to know her and she is just a sweetheart! I am so excited to see what the future has in store for her!

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