Our remodel

It’s been a slow start for blog posting for me in 2019 but it’s not about how you start it’s how you finish, right?

I wanted my first post of the new year to be about our home! We did some remodeling in September and as soon as it was ready for a photo shoot, the Holiday season was in full swing. So once the decorations came down, I started working on this post! 

I wanted to do these photos for me as well. I felt taking the time to do photography for me was crucial because I do not do it enough! Just like us moms taking time for ourselves, this has reenergized me and I have been actually making time for my own photo sessions!

Our house is a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath located in a beautiful part of town. My husband and I were toying with the idea of selling and started to do minor upgrades to put it on the market. When those were done, we looked at each other and realized how much we liked it! So we decided to refinance instead! Our beautiful home just needed a little makeover! 

One of the biggest reasons we wanted to make some changes is that we were now down to our last daughter in the house. It suddenly felt too big. We wanted the house to be practical and all the square footage to be used!

This first chunk of renovation is just the start! We are thrilled at the way it looks now and the space is used all the time! Here is a glimpse into our home…


My before photos were taken with my phone because at that point I didn’t know I would be writing about it! We spent 7 years in this home with this paint that was dark and so not our style. I have to say if all we could’ve done was paint the interior, I would’ve still been happy! When people say a coat of paint changes everything, they are right! I am a little obsessed with our paint! It’s a very rich neutral that looks like creamy vanilla blanketing the house. I find myself staring at it, often!

My husband built our breakfast nook! Including the table and bench. We talked about this idea for many years and to actually have it is amazing! I had a hand in the distressing so I guess I can say we did it together! I give him WAY more credit though! This area seats the entire family for the holidays and is a cozy spot for just the three of us to eat at as well!

Remember how I said we had a 4 bedroom house?

My before photo is NOT the greatest but I do have the process. We decided to take down the wall between two of the bedrooms and create a versatile space that Clint, Maddie and I could all use!

It was pretty cool to watch that wall come down! My dogs didn’t like it too much!

Now, this room is a “studio” for my photography, for Clint to veg out with his Call of Duty, and for Maddie to have a space to hang out with her friends! We will complete this room with sliding barn doors and some décor but for now it is a perfect area to chill!

This room can easily be made into guest room or a “suite” for Kaycee when she is home in the summer from college!

In the front part of our home, we had a formal dining room and another room that was rarely used. The dining room was used once a year ( Thanksgiving) and the other room we used as an office, a craft room, and my first studio. None of those options really worked for the personality of our family. (Again, not the best before photos, LOL)

We LOVE to entertain! When we starting planning out how to utilize all the space in our home, we wanted to make sure it was an entertaining house! And that’s exactly how it is!

In the few short months that this bar has been done, it has brought some very special memories spent with friends and family. A place to gather, to relax and unwind from a long days work, and a place of celebration of birthdays, or football! As many of you know, I worked at my parents restaurant for 22 years. I grew up there! So having this in our home brings back the good memories! I would much rather bartend for my family and friends in the comfort of my home!

This is the favorite spot of the house for all who come over and for us too! Maddie actually loves to put on Netflix and do her homework at the bar!

We owe all of this to our dear friend, neighbor, and General Contractor, Mark with MJM Building Services! He knew exactly what we wanted even if we couldn’t explain it correctly! He was patient with us and built our vision! His crew was always punctual, and understanding to me being home with my dogs during construction! My dogs loved all of them and we all know if your dogs approve then they must be good people! I highly recommend this company! Contact me if you are looking for an amazing General Contractor!

There is one more room that received a pretty awesome facelift! I will post soon! A certain 14 year old needs to clean it first! Stay tuned!

Our remodel is the start to making this home exactly how we envisioned it when we first moved in 7 years ago! I can’t wait to keep showing you all the things we do! This has also given me the ability to pick up my camera for ME! This has brought me so much joy! I can’t wait to introduce more exciting things in 2019!

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