Phoenix Seniors: Do’s and Don’ts to have an amazing senior year!

phoenix-arizona-high school- senior-photographer

Seniors! This year will come and go faster than you want it to. Before you know it, you will be trying on your cap and gown! Don’t let the year go by and regret not doing this or stressing about that. Below are some do’s and don’ts to help you have an amazing final year of high school!

DO: Be proactive when it comes to applying for colleges.  If you have several, remember, you will want to visit them, which may include travel expenses, etc and that takes time. You want to make a decision by their deadlines to ensure good dorm rooms, etc.

DON’T: Procrastinate! Scholarship money runs out, dorms fill up, and you spend your summer after graduation stressing about all of this rather than enjoying your final summer as a “kid”.arizona-high school- seniors- portrait-photography

DO: Take advantage of ALL the senior events going on at your school! You are only in high school once! Go to the Homecoming game! Go to your senior prom! Make it to the senior banquet even if you really don’t want to! These are events and memories you can’t get back! Make the most of the year!

DON’T: Wait to book your senior photos! Even if you want your session towards the end of the school year, if you don’t book now, chances are that senior photographers will be booked and will have a very hard time squeezing you in. And the pressure of finding the right outfits, location, hair and makeup, is enough to stress out anyways. Let me help take that pressure off some by assuring you of the perfect date for your session!

phoenix-arizona-desert valley auto parts-senior guys

DO: Spend time making lasting memories with friends and family! Your college of choice may move you out of town or state. Balance your time between final grades and having some fun! Weekends are meant for hanging out with friends!  Have you been to The Escape Room? One of the best indoor activities in Phoenix for seniors! Check out this link to reserve a room!   Adulting can be tough! Make the most of your time left living at home!

DON’T: Let the GPA slip, though! Maintaining what you have worked so hard for your high school career is so important! You may have a half day and some super easy classes, don’t let that trick you! You are almost done, what’s one more year?high school-seniors-college-seniors-phoenix-arizona

So stay focused! But Seniors? Don’t take it for granted! You will make the most memories and have the most fun this year! Don’t stress, you got this! Make sure when you are ready to document some of those memories, click below to contact me!



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