Deron and Nikki: Surprise!

Nikki and Deron-1Nikki and Deron-2Nikki and Deron-3Nikki and Deron-4Nikki and Deron-5Nikki and Deron-6

Am I the luckiest photographer or what? This session was scheduled as a maternity shoot and turned into an engagement shoot as well! I was so honored to have been able to capture this for them!

Deron and Nikki had a mutual friend that they met through in 2015 and something sparked. They began dating shortly after they met and a few months after that, introduced their kids to each other. They loved taking trips together to blend their family. In late 2017, they found out they were adding to that family! They are due in  July!

Deron wanted an intimate setting for his proposal and when Nikki’s friend Bri mentioned how awesome it would be to propose at the maternity shoot so it could be captured on film, Deron was all in! With a little planning, it went off without a hitch! And by the looks of the photos, she was surprised and so happy! Nikki and Deron-7Nikki and Deron-8Nikki and Deron-9Nikki and Deron-10Nikki and Deron-11Nikki and Deron-12Nikki and Deron-13

With the birth of Zai Armani, they will complete their family and start a beautiful life together!

I was SO happy that Nikki wore maternity gowns! She looked stunning! I highly recommend treating yourself to pampering and feeling beautiful with your baby bump!

Congratulations to the happy couple and may your lives be blessed forever!

Stay tuned for Baby Zai!


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