Tiff & Bran

I met Tiffany over 5 years ago. Do you remember when getting feathers in your hair was super popular? My girls HAD to get one and Kaycee’s gymnastics coach had a friend who did them. So I took the girls to her salon and Tiffany put cute little feathers in the girls hair!

From there, I started getting my hair done and we became instant friends. We have done so many photo shoots together over the years and by far, this is my favorite. Their first engagement shoot was 5 years ago when Brandon proposed! They finally set a date in October of this year and so an updated session was much needed!

Tiffany and Brandon are an amazing couple. They are super adventurous! They love being on the lake in the summer wake boarding, jet skiing, you name it! She even gets dirty with him in the desert, quad riding and dirt bike riding. The fun these two have keeps the spirit of their relationship alive and will continue for years to come!

I love that they have each other and are so happy. You can feel the love they have for each other in every photo. I can’t wait to be there at their wedding and capture the first day of the rest of their lives!!

Love you both! Congratulations!! xoxo


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