1-w2-w5-w6-w3-w4-wThis gorgeous senior is Tori! Her and my daughter, Kaycee were in gymnastics together! I was so excited when she told me she wanted me to do her senior photos!

We started off at her gym, which was so much fun! Her coach, Stacy was there helping with posing and reminiscing about the last 10 years of being a competitive gymnast! From there we headed back to my house for her medal part of the session! She has won over 200 medals in her gymnastics career, most important one being her medal that she won at Westerns.

Finally, we headed outside to capture the side of Tori when she is not in the gym! This super sweet, soft side of her! The life of a gymnast is spent majority in a leo, covered in chalk, no makeup, hair in a ponytail, sweaty, covered in bruises, rips on your hands from the bars, hours upon hours of conditioning, getting your body prepared for competing season. They are so dedicated, self disciplined, self motivated, it is literally, gym, eat, sleep, repeat. So for a gymnast to be able to let her beautiful hair down and have some fun is a rarity! Tori makes every part of that look easy! Inside and outside the gym! That smile lights up a room and I am so excited for her future and her last competing season as a senior!



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