Beauty in the desert

5-w6-w1-w4-w2-wI met Emily when she was 9. I coached a cheer team through our church and she was one of my cheerleaders. She was my hyper one! Always smiling and jumping around! She kept the team pumped at every practice! After a couple seasons, Emily had moved on to other sports and we lost touch for a bit. When she called me and told me she was a senior, I flashed back to that cheer team and couldn’t believe how fast the years went by!

Emily is still all smiles, happy, and loving life! She loves the AZ desert so we found a nice spot to have her session. Emily wanted the desert backdrop because one day when she moves away, she will have the memories of “home” to look back on!

Emily made her senior session even more special by getting pampered by Tiffany and had her makeup done! I love the way her eyes just popped! She was stunning in her photos!

Book your senior session in the desert! Spots still available!



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