Dress for your Inner Hippie

I wanted to have tie dye dresses incorporated into the senior rep shoot. I had this vision of what I wanted. I called my friend Lori and asked her if she wanted to be a part of it. I told her I just wanted simple with a hippie vibe. She is a wedding dress designer so this was super easy for her! She made the dresses with each of the necklines being a little different. They were perfect. I wanted to help with something, because my sewing capabilities consist of making anything that is a square! I was given the tie dye job! Ok, do you know how scary it is to take a beautifully made dress and tie dye it in the HOPES that it will turn out?? It’s pretty scary. But? It was fun too! Lori and I worked on the tie dye part of these dresses for 4 days straight! There is a lot more that goes into to tie dying than I thought! They turned out beautiful and I am very pleased with the finished product!

Lori is a custom wedding dress designer who is so talented! She is such a genuine woman and a total perfectionist! I am so fortunate that she partnered with us for this shoot!  Please click on her link below and check out her website! You can contact her through there as well. She has more dresses coming to her site soon!




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