Peace, Love and Hippie Hair

The theme for the 2017 senior rep shoot was Hippie. I wanted to keep the style natural and neutral. Tiffany and I brainstormed about how the hair and makeup should be. We wanted to have the girls be a part of the style of the shoot by making head pieces. I bought a bunch of different material and told them to make whatever inspired them! All the head pieces in the photos were created by them! It was a fun day for the girls to get to know each other before our rep session.

Tiffany’s styles for hair came out perfect! We are way into braids right now, so she incorporated those along with very natural curls, giving them a total boho vibe! It got pretty windy on both days of shooting, but I really feel that added to the theme!

Some of the girls had Tiffany do their makeup as well which was very neutral and the added jewels spiced it up a bit!

Every rep was asked to pick the style they wanted and were able to add the head piece of choice. That worked out so well because they each loved the finished product! They all rocked their looks!

Are you looking to add hair and makeup to your senior session? Add Tiffany’s amazing talents to your package! Check out my pricing page for further details.


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