Appreciation Post!

This year I wanted a hippie theme for the 2017 Rep shoot. The style is very “in” right now which helped! With 16 senior reps, we had to break it into 2 shoot days. Tiffany and I scouted some locations trying to find a good fit. We had decided to do hair and makeup at her house so everyone would be comfortable. As well, wanted to find a location that was close to get the most shoot time.211The area we found was perfect! I couldn’t have been happier about it! We spent the morning of both days doing hair and makeup and picking out outfits. Both days were so much fun, getting to know the girls and taking some amazing photos!!

These shoots could not have happened without the help of some amazing people.

The first thanks goes to my amazingly talented hair and makeup artist, Tiffany! You complete me! Your work is on point every time! I love you to death and I love working with you! Thank you for being my partner in crime and for making my shoots that much better! I appreciate you opening your home to our reps and making them look amazing.

Next up is our assistant Corina/ our Nail Diva. Thank you for being the all around go to girl! You helped Tiffany with hair and makeup, helped me with the set and behind the scenes shots, helped the girls with outfit/accessories choices, everything! Tiffany and I could not have done this alone, so thank you!! A post about her nail design for the shoot, coming soon.

Thank you to Lori, my designer. Another separate post coming to the blog about the hippie dresses that she made for the shoot. You are a great friend and I am so glad we met! I had so much fun helping in the “tye dying” part of the dress making process. You helped bring my image to life and gave more dimension to my theme! I appreciate you!

My mom designed some of the jewelry for this shoot as well, post to come. Again, added a special touch because they were handmade by my mom. You mean so much to me! You are there for me ALL the time and for that I am so grateful! Thank you for supporting me in this journey to being the best photographer I can be and always giving me the encouragement I need. I love you so much!

Thank you Liz for being my support mom! I appreciate you more than you know! Thank you to my girls, Kaycee and Maddie. The best assistants out there! Everything from go pro footage to reflectors, pose assistants, helping fix hair (because both days were extremely windy) and making the girls laugh! You both know I love the fact that I can “take my daughters to work”. That means so much to me! Thank you for being my motivators! I love you both!

Thank you 2017 senior reps! I appreciate each one of you for being with me in the coming year to help me grow my business! I hope you all have had and continue to have fun with this program and I can’t wait for all of your personal senior sessions!!

Lastly, I’d like to thank my husband. I truly don’t think he gets enough credit. He may not be with me on shoots but he is my biggest supporter. He gives me the confidence that I lack, he encourages me, he is my level head, he is my rock. He gave me the opportunity to make my dream of being a full time photographer a reality. He makes me smile even when he is not around. I love him with my whole heart and soul. Clint, I appreciate you and I thank God everyday that he gave me you!

And thank you readers!! Without you, this would simply be a journal entry! Please stay tuned for my upcoming posts on these amazing entrepreneurs and their amazing skills!

Much love,







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