When one door closes..

In November of 2015, I starting preparing for my 3rd senior rep season.I knew I had a lot of research to do to make 2017 the best program yet. I wanted to revamp, have an open house in search of reps, and have the shoot done in April instead of June. Anyone who lives in Arizona knows that it is not fun shooting in the summer! Having another job kept me from having all the time in the world to get all this done. So I needed as much time as possible.

I had asked my current reps to start getting me emails of as many girls as they could that they thought might have interest in my program. My 2016 seniors went to work. I had 6 girls from 2 high schools and they gave me emails of girls from 9 different high schools! They  talked to everyone they knew and even searched their twitter followers! The response was amazing! I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea there would be so much interest! After all, it was just little old me!

I started sending out the applications and they came rushing back! There were so many girls that thought this would be a fun opportunity. My work load was going to double!

I had been at a new job that I was not passionate about for about a year and was just not happy. When I started receiving all the emails about the rep program, my husband looked at me and said, “quit your job and pursue your photography. Live out that passion. Be happy.” With him supporting me, I knew I could make it happen. And I did.

I hosted my very first open house! The night was awesome! So overwhelming but I was so grateful. Everyone was so excited! My rep program has doubled from last year and I am so appreciative of the support from each and every one of them! I can not wait to see what this year brings!! I thank God for closing one door and opening this one!! I hope I can shine for him!group 2 websiteGroup 1 website

Stay tuned for more photos of these amazing shoots and all the amazing people who helped them to be a success!!!







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