2471521        My senior rep, Tina, said she wanted her senior shoot to be in the snow and she knew the perfect location. So of course, I said yes! New area? I’m all about it! And…serious??? This place was amazing!! It was a perfect day! Snow on the ground, frozen lake and 54 degrees outside! At one point, we were all sweating! That’s my kind of cold! Since we were in this beautiful northern part of Arizona, I decided to take advantage! I had a thought of a red silk skirt on wonderful white snow. I had a dear friend of mine whip up a beautiful skirt that Tina had no problem wearing for me! She looked stunning in it! I loved having the vision come to life! Everything about this shoot was perfect! I loved the outfits! Each one made her look different in the same area! Snow bunny, winter goddess, you name it, she made it happen! I was so happy with this shoot and I hope Tina loves her finished product!!

https://www.facebook.com/DL-Designs  Make sure to check out Lori’s Facebook page for her beautiful designs and her next custom wedding dress, coming soon!!





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