The adventures of a Senior Session

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This senior session has a “behind the scenes” story! Waking up to an overcast morning is very rare in AZ and super exciting for photographers here! I was looking forward to a cool, heat free session. After Kylie finished hair and makeup with Tiffany she met me at the location. We proceeded to sit in my truck and wait out the downpour of rain that I thought would just be “overcast”.  We were both ready to just get going and the rain turned into a sprinkle so we packed up and headed over to the area.

This area is actually a wash of sorts and an area for rain run off. However, when it is not raining, it is an awesome place to shoot! We decided to stand under the tunnel and start there while waiting out the sprinkles. We could see that the sun was really trying to peek through and then finally the rain stopped. We continued to take pictures outside the tunnel and my daughter and fabulous assistant for the day, pointed out the rain runoff drain that was shooting out water! Needless to say, we packed up and moved on to the next area.

I just love this area. You wouldn’t think that it was Arizona. It is very lush and green, just beautiful. Kylie’s bohemian theme fit perfectly. We kept shooting and as Maddie and I are fixing Kylie’s hair and jewelry, etc, Kylie says, “What is that?”  We turn around and standing 4 feet away from us is a coyote! Ok so he wasn’t in attack mode but freaky, nonetheless. He wasn’t scared of us, either, which was unsettling. A man in the neighborhood heard our attempts to shoo the coyote away, which were unsuccessful, and came over and got the coyote to move on. We were very thankful and kept on with the session with watchful eyes!

We finished the shoot and headed back to the vehicles. By this time the wash is pretty full so between jumping rushing water, while  holding several props, outfits, and cameras, trying to steer clear of bees, and climbing a wash rock wall, I felt like we just finished American Ninja Warrior!  We made it! Back to safety! LOL

That was the most eventful session I have ever had that produced some amazing shots! Kylie had a lot of fun, thank goodness, despite the episode of Man Vs. Wild that we encountered. She has such a beautiful spirit. I am so glad I was able to capture that in the photos! I absolutely loved her style! She really brought the bohemian theme to life! Especially with her smile!

Enjoy the photos! They have a back story!!


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