Moments of Laughter

My favorite part of any shoot is the moments of pure laughter! I am not a spontaneously funny person and I am really not good at telling jokes so it is pretty hard to get real smiles. I try to find some sort of humorous things to do and eventually I look silly enough to get some laughs! This particular shoot, though, all of the laughter was coming from the humor of my dad! He was one of my assistants that day. He stood in the lake for 4 hours (the length of our shoot) and deflected boats from getting into my shots! Which I might add was so incredible of him…and it worked!! But he, as many people know, is a very funny guy. When he would hear me say, “Okay girls, start laughing,” he was right there with a quick joke. Most of the time, the girls didn’t even understand his jokes and made them laugh even harder! I think  he knew all along what he needed to do do get those reactions! In the end, these are some of my favorite shots!! It is true laughter and really shows how much fun they had on our rep shoot!


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