50’s inspired Engagement Shoot

This shoot was a few months in the making! As you know, I have a passion for photography! I love taking pictures and I was teetering on wether or not to pursue it full-time! So, I started researching. Talking to other photographers, other business owners, getting some advice and ideas on all of this! I finally decided to at least give it a try! Some advice I received from a dear friend was to do a Re-Release of Tammy Zelez Photography. Great advice! And…how do I do that? Well, with a style shoot! Come up with an idea and play it out in the pictures! So after a couple of months of planning, I did it! And let me tell you, I have a passion all over again for this business! I am very proud of these pictures! And very proud to Re-Release Tammy Zelez Photography!!

The models that I asked to participate in this, recently announced their engagement so it was a perfect start! Tiffany and Brandon are an amazing young couple who were excited to have such a fun engagement shoot! They were totally in on the 50’s theme especially since Tiffany’s dad had a beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel Air for us to use! How could this have gotten any better! We wanted to find a beautiful back drop for the shoot and decided on the lake! It definitely tied it all together because Tiffany and Brandon spend a lot of their time there wake boarding and camping!

During the session, you could really feel the love that Tiffany and Brandon had towards each other! They had such a connection with one another! Not to mention how comfortable they were in front of the camera! They were naturals!

They laughed. I feel that one of the most important things in a relationship is laughter! The staging of each shot was so fun to watch and capture! They were in their own little world! I am so thankful to have gotten to know them and I hope they enjoy the rest of their lives TOGETHER!

To Tiffany and Brandon- Thank you for bringing Tammy Zelez Photography to life again! I couldn’t have asked for a better style shoot! Love you guys!

With that being said, may I introduce the Re-Release of TAMMY ZELEZ PHOTOGRAPHY!

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