13th Birthday “Photo Shoot” Party

5 years ago, I used to be a cheer coach for a team of 8-year-old girls through our church. We had a blast! The whole team was really good kids!! I had not only coached the squad but I was the photographer for their team pictures. It was a great way for me to get my name out there as a photographer!

It definitely worked!

 One of moms had loved my work and I started photographing her kids and her friends kids! Christmas pictures, senior pictures, prom pictures, it was awesome!! Recently, she had called me and said that her youngest daughter (my cheerleader) wanted to have a “photo shoot” party for her 13th birthday! I said that it was a great idea and would be honored! Besides, it would be a piece of cake because what 13-year-old girl does not want her picture taken??

The plan for the party was simple…

Each girl would bring 2 outfits and we would got to 2 locations to match those outfits.

All the girls would get ready together at the birthday girls house and then we were off to the first location!

We shot a bunch of group shots, did some buddy shots with the birthday girl and also did some individual shots of each girl who was there! For their “gift”, each girl received a group shot, a buddy shot and one individual shot of themselves. The whole photo shoot was for purchase on a CD if they were interested in having more photos! Which they ALL were!!

The party was a huge success!

The girls had so much fun and raved about it long after it was over!

Now, I have them all on my FB and Instagram and I just love seeing the pictures all over their pages!

As for me, I had a great time too! It was so awesome to pose them and make them feel like little models! Can I tell you too, there was 9 of them and they were so well manured! A great group of girls! God has blessed them all with friendship! Needless to say, please contact me via phone or email if you are interested in “photo shoot” parties! Please visit the gallery to see more photos from the party!


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