Giving Thanks To What Inspires You

The Holiday season is fast approaching! Can you believe it? I feel like I just put all the decorations away! This life speeds by so fast and sometimes I feel like I am on automatic pilot! I go through life day-to-day going to work, paying the same bills, getting the same groceries, taking the kids to practice, cleaning the house, and before I know it it’s time for the holidays. Sad to say, I finally stop, catch my breath and realize all these things have been such a great gift to me everyday of the year!

Giving thanks is something that we all forget throughout the busy schedules that we carry. Then once the holidays approach you feel the same way I do, taking a second to really think about all the great in your life!

Although my list of Thanks starts with God, my husband, my kids, my family, a roof over my head, etc, which are all so very important to me, I have to take the time in this blog to be Thankful for the confidence God has given me in my photography!

For so long, I struggled with the confidence in myself that I was really good at what I did! I never wanted to put myself out there and give it a try! I was too afraid of failure and clients not liking it!

I continued to pray about my confidence issues and He has changed me forever! No longer am I a nervous wreck going to a shoot! I don’t (completely) beat myself up anymore if the photos are not EXACTLY how I envisioned them! I know my clients will love them! That’s why they hired me!

So today and everyday, I give great thanks to God and to you, my readers, my clients,my family, who put their faith in me, their time, to see what I am all about and like my work! With God and all of you behind me, I know I can do it!

Make sure to take time this holiday season to think about what you are thankful for!


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